Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Giving Thanks!

We have a lot to be thankful for this year! For the last couple of months, Karen and I have been amazed at the blessings of God upon our lives. Personally, the whole transformation of coming to Atlanta was a huge step of faith. While Karen let go a long time ago, I was still wanting to hold on to some type of security. (Security has always been my weakness. I know what is was like being extremely poor. Having a little financial security and then looking at not having any caused a lot of fear!) Since the great leap, God has shown us time and time again that He is El Shaddai which means the God who is MORE THAN ENOUGH!

A local college student asked me the other day what they could give me and Karen for Christmas. I begged them not to give us anything! We want to bless college students! I explained I learned a long time ago from Jim Baxter, one of my mentors, that college students should be getting all the discounts at stores and not just the senior adults. College students are the really poor ones! Karen and I know personally! Praying for them is not just an option for college students. YOU SHOULD PUT SOMETHING IN THEIR HANDS i.e. MONEY!

Yes, the God who is more than enough has truly blessed us! We have closets full of stuff to verify! Unpacked boxes are every where! We are so thankful for His blessings!

PS Don't forget to tell the one who you love the most and the ones who have influenced you the most thanks! It means a lot!