Friday, November 03, 2006

Top 10 Reasons To Go To Church on Saturday Night

I went to our new mailbox yesterday and got a postcard from Avalon Church in McDonough, Georgia. It is a couple of miles south from where we are living.
On the postcard, it was promoting their Saturday evening service. It was "Top 10 Reasons To Go To Church on Saturday Night."

10. You don't have to fight with the kids to get out of bed on Sunday morning.
9. You can sleep in on Sundays. . . and can you say tee time?
8. Shorter lines at the grocery store on Sunday morning.
7. Another excuse to go to Starbucks.
6. A chance to see the un-edited version of the experience.
5. More opportunities for Sunday movie matinees.
4. You get to eat eat at Chick-Fil-A after church.
3. Keep up with you NFL fantasy football team.
2. First in line at the buffet on Sunday.
1. Have your life changed.

I love it! It is making me think for the future. I am definitely filing the card away for future ideas!

PS Andrew Pray, their worship pastor, was featured in Church Production magazine a couple of months ago. It revolutionized some programming I was looking at. Their production facility is unspeakable. I am looking forward to visiting.