Friday, December 22, 2006

And While We are on the Subject . . .

Prevention Magazine January 2007 issue made a list of 7 Habits of people with great memories. I have added my own little notes to them.

1. Have fewer than two alcoholic drinks a day. (I am down to zero)
2. Watch less than one hour of TV daily. (Working on that. Does two hours of a Tivo'd shows without watching the commercials count?)
3. Read novels. (Need improvement)
4. Do crosswords. (Is playing Scrabble on my PDA daily or hourly count?)
5. Eat Fish. (Big needs improvement)
6. Drink tea or coffee. (No problem! I drink iced tea with every meal and for breakfast, I enjoy 20 oz. of Dunkin Donuts coffee!!)
7. Keep a journal. (Blog, why don't you!)

You see, there is much more to blogging than just informing!