Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Church Plant Visiting Checklist

I received the following from Pastor Ross Wiseman from Embassy Metro in North Atlanta/Woodstock, Georgia. He has been reviewing the paramountchurch.com website which is expected to hit the web on Monday, December 11th. Church Planters enjoy!

Church Plant Visiting Checklist:

Road Signage-
Is there any?
Is it readable?
Does it show me where to go?

Parking Lot-
Is there enough parking?
Is anyone directing me where to park?
Do I know where to go from the parking lot?
Are there signs showing me where to park?

Building Signage-
Do I know where to go without anyone directing me?
Do I know what door I am supposed to enter?
Do I know where the worship center is?
Do I know where the Children/Preschool Ministries are?
Do I know where the restrooms are?
Are they visible and readable?

Are they friendly?
Can they answer my questions and point me in the right direction?
Are they overbearing?
Are they focused on the visitors or talking with their friends?

How do they set-up the café?
What are they serving?
Is the area chaotic?

How chaotic is the area?
Is there visible signage for me to know where I am going?
Is the lobby messy and things just sitting around out of place?
Do they have an information area?
If so what information do they have available?
How well is it printed?
What is the interaction of the people in the lobby?

Children/Preschool Ministry-
How do they check-in the kids?
How secure is the area?
How clean is the area?
How kid friendly is the area?
Are there friendly people working in the areas?
What are they using for their curriculum?

Worship Center-
How do they set-up their stage?
How do they set-up their chairs/or how is their theatre set-up?
What creative elements are they using for their service?
What are they using for their worship media?
What type of equipment are they using?
How is the lighting?
Too much light or way too dark?
How is the sound?
Is the sound too overbearing?
Is there a good mix?
How is the band?
How does the worship leader engage people to worship?
Are people in the crowd worshipping?
How are the musicians?
How does the speaker communicate to the crowd?
Does he keep their attention?
What is the reaction of the people to his mesage?
What series are they currently doing?
What videos/graphics are they using?
How is their worship guide?

What makes them unique from other church plants I have visited?
What are they doing right?
What could they be doing better?
What seems to be missing?
What upcoming events do they have planned?
What ministries do they offer?
How many volunteers do they have serving?