Saturday, December 09, 2006

Church Planters Network

Last evening, the Georgia District of the Assemblies of God had their Church Planters Network Christmas Party. As some like to say, "They showed out!" It was a great evening. The superintendent was there to bring is unending support to all the church planters. Many gave testimonies of their church or their church plants.
They were pleased to announce this year's District Council meeting will have a Church Plant emphasis the first night of the conference. The guest speaker will be Ed Stetzer who is a church planter, speaker, and author on church planting. He will also be doing a afternoon session as well with all the church planters that week as well.
We were blessed by the District with Stetzer's book, Breaking the Missional Code. What an evening! Again, there is nothing like being in a room with church planters! (And we thought being with teenagers were exciting?!)