Saturday, December 09, 2006

Where Dreams Take You

We first here about Joseph as a helper to his brothers in their business of herding flocks. There, Joseph had a dream of his brothers circling him and bowing down to him. Joseph ran with the dreams telling everyone of what was to take place.
Dreams are the foretelling of a future existance. They tell you where you will go, not where you are. Dreams take time to come to past. They are on their own time and not on your time. They are glimpse of the future without many details. Some of them are obscured and some are plain and laid out.
Why I began meditating on Joseph's dream was how he most likely assumed his dream would come to past right there in the midst of the fields. He probably thought it was going to happen in a matter of hours or days. Maybe if he just told his father, his father would command his brothers to bow.
Lately I have been asking myself since moving to Atlanta, "Why Atlanta?" Everything appears my dreams are coming to past, but this is not where I thought they would come to past. This was probably the same thoughts Joseph had when in Egypt. He probably laughed at himself in embarrassment when thinking to himself about how he thought his brothers would bow down to him right there in the fields.
Dreams take you on a journey. They are not guided by a map. Faith guides you as you go. You never know where dreams take you, but where ever you go, the Spirit makes sure that God's plans are fulfilled to the fullest.