Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Patients Instilled from Dreams

The other day I was speaking to a young minister in his early twenty's who is frustrated by the lack of seeing his dreams fulfilled. I have been there and in many cases I am still here. I shared with him the many times I have ministered to thousands in church services and spoke to thousands at conferences but only in my dreams! I have dreamed about the books that I have written and ministries I have began but only in my dreams! It has happened in the car while driving and it has happened in the shower and about thousand other places. I envision myself according to my dreams. I used to think people thought I was crazy sitting in the car 'preaching' to no one physically but thousands in my dreams. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, I now appear just like everyone else!
God induced dreams get way down in your spirit man and they never leave. Thoughts about God's calling upon your life are irrevocable. You can't get away from them! Patience is the key. Dreams take a special education from the school of the Spirit. That education is not a four year degree but a lifetime degree. To see dreams fulfilled, you have to have the right education to see that dream come to past.
Be patient! Stand still. Your today is always for your tomorrow! Dreams are irrevocable. They shall come to pass, but God determines the time. Our help only hinders. Be patient and see God bring your dreams to past!