Friday, December 22, 2006

The Person Who You Would Like to Meet

The question is funny about the person who you would like to meet which is asked my when you begin your account. I think about how many believers as well as non-believers would say "Jesus." Personally, I have already met and have really gotten to know him. I known him personally for about 16 years.

I pray often, but Sunday I had a time with him during the church service. He guided me on something as a counselor or mentor would. Though I responded with tears, He patiently counseled me on a personal issue. I have thought constantly about that time and it was if he was there physical in the flesh talking with me. I left as I would leave anybody with a touch of his presence. The next day, I had lunch with a new friend and when we departed, it was the same feeling I had the previous day of being in someone's presence and taking something with you.

Just random thoughts.