Thursday, February 01, 2007

66 Books of the Bible

I just got back from having lunch with my good friend, Ross Wiseman, lead pastor for Embassy Metro Church. He was sharing with me about a new convert at their church. He previously told me about him because after church one Sunday there had a impromptu baptismal service in December for this young man in the lake behind Ross' home.

Ross told me the young man went out to purchase a Bible and purchased a paperback Bible. He purchased a paperback Bible after he discovered the price of leather bound Bible. When asked about his purchased, he told Ross that he had heard there was 66 books of the bible and if he were going to get each one he would have to save his money and purchase the paperbound ones instead of the leather bound ones. He wanted the whole set!

What a great story and great testimony!

Lord, give me thousands of converts just like this one!