Thursday, March 29, 2007

Becoming Missional and Values Driven

Two things I have learned over the last couple of months are the importance of being missional and being driven by your values.

I have become addicted to being missional when it comes to who we want to reach at Paramount Church. Our mission is to reach twentysomethings and thirtysomethings. Many have names for them but I like to refer to them as the MTV/BET generation. Why? Because we want to reach those who enjoy doses of MTV and BET videos. Many of them are unchurched and we are preparing Paramount to be a place they can come and seek God with all their heart.

Second, I have become value driven. I stripped my previous values which I must admit came from another ministry and place personal values as well as personal ministerial values in their place. I love it! I am presently working on another copy of my vision and putting it in a magazine format. All over the place are the values which pop in here and there. I am also working on our announcement sheet. Some may call it a bulletin. Inside the values are being placed in a 'hidden' way within the artwork. It is sweet. Plans for future is to use these values within most publications and work done by Paramount Church.

Be missional and don't let anyone get you off your path. Be value driven and set the course for the mindset of your work.