Tuesday, March 27, 2007

When God Builds Up

During those three weeks, there were phone calls made and meetings taking place. People were encouraging to do things that I didn't want to do. Other people were excited. I was depressed. Others were saying this could work. I was saying this is not what I had planned.

One day the light came on and in prayer God spoke to me and said, "Now you can plant Paramount Church like I want it to be done." What? You mean God has a plan. Sometimes we are caught in the middle of our plans and God steps in and rips them up to say, "Do it my way!" We don't know why or how but we just willing submit to His will and follow the His plans. It is funny. They always seem to work!

God has our steps ordered. They are divinely written for our lives. We must always 'commit our ways unto the Lord,' but 'our ways are not always His ways.' Its hard sometimes. Sometimes it is easy. God directs. We follow even if that means we get off of our street to get on His.

Today, I am excited about the street we are taking on God's way to build Paramount Church. It is an exciting journey. Things are really coming together and people are stepping up to make Paramount Church a creative, innovating, and relevant church for today's generations. When God builds the house. . .