Monday, March 19, 2007

Note from "The Launch Conference"

Launching a New Church
Went to a half day conference last week with Nelson Searcy and Kerrick Thomas from "The Journey" in NYC. GREAT conference! Learned more in a couple of hours than I think I would learn all week!

3 Key Launch Ideas

1. Launch Large.
a. God’s Dream for your church is bigger than you dream.
2. Launch Quickly.
a. There is always going to be a reason to postpone launching your church. Conditions will never be perfect.
3. Launch from the outside in.
a. It is completely possible to launch a church in which the only Christians on the initial team are the staff.

8 Contrarian Church Launching Ideas

1. Your call to start a church is the most critical factor to the church’s success.
2. Don’t be afraid to raise funds from other churches.
3. Build your new church from the outside in.
4. Resist the temptation to do everything at first.
5. Use 3 to 6 monthly worship services to build up to weekly services.
6. Don’t try to gather the church; stay focused on the unchurched.
7. You can START a church much faster than you think.
8. You can GROW a church much faster than you think.

Five Final Decisions

1. I will launch as large as possible.
2. I will stay focused on really the unchurched.
3. I will help other church launch large.
4. I will never stop growing as a leader.
5. I will share what I learn with other church leaders.