Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Website Appearance

I spent many hours this week revamping our website for the upcoming monthly series. We are about to do some heavy marketing and before we really begin to broadcast our website, I wanted to make sure it was really looking nice. I believe I achieved what I wanted to do. No more changes to it until after the first monthly service - maybe.

I have to admit I get tired of projects that I have worked on very easily. They usually get old before I ever publish the work because so many hours or days have been spent. So I have to mark my calendar when to make a change so I don't do it too quickly. That is the problem of designing and leading an organization. You have to know when to wear which hat. One day, Paramount will have a technology pastor who will be responsible for all of those things. . . one day. . .

Take a look at the website. I hope you enjoy it.