Monday, August 06, 2007

School, Church, and Family

Boy, what a whirlwind weekend!  It all began at the Georgia School of Ministry where I attend one weekend a month in preparation for my ordination.  Friday evening and all day Saturday in Macon, which is about an hour away from my home.  

After school, I met Karen and our neice, Shakara, at my mother's home which is south of Macon in my hometown of Byron, Georgia.  We then drove to Valdosta from there. Picked up Jerome, my oldest son, and then drove Shakara to Tallahassee where she attends school.  From there, we returned to Valdosta for the evening.  Valdosta was where we lived before coming to Atlanta to plant Paramount Church.  

Sunday morning, we had the best time attending the Rock Church where I was on staff for 12 years.  What a great thing to be with your church family - your home church!  We have missed them so much.  They know!  We call them often from Atlanta!  

Afterwards, I was privilidged to have lunch with my two favorite mentors and friends, Jim Baxter and Doug Brown.  Pastor Brown is my mentor in ministry and pastoring and has been for several years.  Jim, a business partner as well as life long coach and mentor, has always been a pivotal point in me making some of my hardest decisions in life.  These guys are my two favorite guys on the planet.  If I need them, they have always been there.  

My most joyous occassion was spending time with the many of the teenagers there after church.  Listening to their life stories and their excitement about their upcoming attendance at the National Fine Arts competition was such an enjoyment.  

When it came to youth ministries, I really sucked.  It really wasn't the kids at all.  It just wasn't mine or Karen's thing.  We both though have always enjoyed talking with them and taking interest in their lives.  When we first moved to Atlanta, we cured our homesickness by letting the whole youth group stay at our little apartment over night.  We all had a great time!

I LOVE THE LOCAL CHURCH!  Boy, Paramount Church is going to be tired of hearing that phrase.  Especially at a time when most people enjoy attending two or more churches at one time.  

If you are not involved in the local church, get involved.  It's invigorating! It's exciting!  It's LIFE!  

Afterwards, we enjoyed dinner at Josh's Nana ( a southern term for grandmother)!  I know.  She used to be my mother but that all stopped when Josh was born.  Oh well, that is LIFE as well!