Thursday, August 02, 2007

Celebrating our Fourth Anniversary

Four years ago today, Karen Denise Thompson said yes to become my wife. On that day began a journey. Today, we are parents, ministry partners, business partners, and best friends.

We had an enjoyable day which was quite the most unusual anniversary we have ever had. We got up and went for a walk. We then came home and got ready to go out. We knew we wanted to go to Buckhead for lunch. Where to eat we did not know. We would just drive around until we found a place. We found Brio, a tuscan restaurant. Quite appetizing! We then tried to go to Huey's for some beignets but no luck. They closed one minute before we arrived. We then decided to drive down Peachtree, a major street which runs from the northside of downtown Atlanta to the south.

We then decided to go to Clark Atlanta University where Karen is a professor. She was able to show me the campus and the building where her office is located. We also toured Moorehouse and Spelman.

We then decided to find the home and burial place of Dr. Martin Luther King. We found it around 4:30pm. It closed at 6pm. We were able to go through the museum, view the resting place of him and his wife, Mrs. King. After everything closed, we drove to his childhood home and was there with about 15 other people walking the grounds.

At the end of the day, there were no cards. There were no gifts. There was just time. Time spent between a husband and wife and unfortunately Joshua Brandon, our 18 month old son. Well, almost everything was perfect. . .