Sunday, October 07, 2007

Answers: Where did you get your Bible?

6: bible nerd, originally uploaded by jamelah.

I have many Bibles - too many! Right here by my computer is a Spirit Filled Life Bible, Dake's Annotated Reference Bible, The Amplified Bible, The Simple English Bible, and the Archaeological Study Bible. The three I keep by me the most is my Green NIV Bible, The Message Bible, and my parallel NIV/The Message Bible which I always teach out of at Paramount Church.

Since I began studying the Bible, the NIV, New International Version, has always been my preference to study. Several years ago when Eugene Peterson wrote "The Message," I fell in love with his writing of the Bible. I carried two bibles all the time - the NIV and The Message. That was until that put both of them in the same binding. Whew! What a relief that was!!

Where can your purchase one? Walmart is a great place to purchase the Parallel NIV/Message Bible. Unfortunately, other places like Christian bookstores are more expensive than your 'secular' places.

Get a Bible that you can't live without. Get a Bible that you can write in, take notes in, highlight in, place things in the binder, etc. I like my Bible because I have made it my own personal one. I have my confessions in all of the bindings. I use a special pen that won't go through to the other side of the page. I like writing in the bindings of the pages for extra notes. Again, get one that you can't live without!

Remember, mediate on the Word. Meditate on it day and night. Do that and you will be successful!