Friday, October 05, 2007

Dream Again

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I like being a dream releaser. I love sitting with people and talking about their dreams and help them pull their dreams off of the shelves where life as put them and dream again.

I like telling people to color outside the lines. Remember when you were in school and they kept telling you to stay in the lines. You were just fine outside the lines but no, they insisted on you staying in the lines. Life tends to do that to all of us. As children, we had teachers to keep us in the lines. As adults, we have supervisors, managers, budgets, and even pastors who tell us how we should do things.

If you have read my blog before, you know I am on a challenge to list 100 things I would like to do in my lifetime. Some people call it a dream board. That is to 'sissy' for me, but I challenge you to do it. Being a technology geek, I found pictures of my things online and copied and pasted it in a huge graphic. Some may want to write it down on a list. Others may want to write it down in a journal. Whatever is comfortable for you do it. Dream. Dream again. Watch life open up to new ideas and take those old dreams off of the shelf. They are still there. You just have to find them.


Dream again.

Dream big.


PS I am still working on my "100 Things." It has taken a long time and I am only in the 30's. I am still dreaming.