Thursday, November 08, 2007

Learn to Laugh at Yourself

One of the greatest lessons ever taught to me by my pastor and good friend, Doug Brown, was the art of learning to laugh at yourself. It makes you and everyone else feel at ease.

The other day, a pastor friend of mine was sharing how one of him members shared to everyone that he was a professional procrastinator. Another member was appalled that everyone encouraged his "profession" and focused on 'negative' behavior.

Chill. Take a breather. Live.

When you lower the wall for everyone to peer into your life, you allow yourself and your experiences to be shared by others. In turn, people can identify and/or get to know more about you. This leads to a strong bond between two people.

Since coming to Atlanta, I have tried to be an open book sharing shortcomings. It lets people into my life and it allows me to take life - this short life - very humorously. One shortcoming I have always had was my spelling and grammar when writing blogs and emails - really everything. I hate to review my work when I am finished. You probably know this if you have read a day of my blogs.

The other day a member of Paramount Church was laughing at a weekly email I sent on the cuff last week. Though I read and reread it, there was a lot of mistakes. We had a great laugh about it. A couple of years ago I would have been mortified.

I will continue to work on my spelling and grammar but definitely no promises.


Learn to laugh at yourself.

Laugh hard.

Life is too short.