Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Favorite Things

The other day I tuned into Oprah when she had her favorite things.  The reason was because it was all the rage in Macon.  Macon is right next to my hometown and she taped there to reveal her favorite things.  The funniest thing was when she told everyone why they were really there. It was a top secret venture.  When she said her purpose the place went wild.  The funniest part was the save folks in the audience praising the Lord.  They were crying with their hands held high worshipping the Lord.  They were 'sho' thankful.  

The audience then showed some people having to explain it to others.  Some were wondering why everyone else was jumping up and down.  There was one shot of one telling the other as she screamed, "ITS OPRAH'S FAVORITE THINGS!!!!!!" or aka WE ARE GETTING A WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFF FOR FREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

It reminded me of a Mad TV or SNL skit where they imitated the "My Favorite Things" Oprah Show.  They had the audience doing cartwheels, hitting and punching each other, and one audience member's head exploded.  I was waiting for that to happen last week on the show.  I kept thinking to myself, "I hope they have EMT's standing by!" Some of those ladies looked like they were about to go out!

I thought I would personally list my favorite things.  The following list is a list of things I can  not live without:

1.  My iMac.  We are "bestest" of friends.  In fact, I am on it right now typing away.  
2.  My FinePix e550 - Can't live without it.  Take it everywhere with me.  Ok. I know it is not the Nikon that I don't have yet, but it has taken A LOT of pictures.  I can't complain. 
3.  My NIV/The Message Bible  - Love it! Love it! Love it!
4. TIVO!  Need I say more especially if you have wifi set up
5.  2 TIVOS!  Now I really don't need to say anything!
6.  XM Radio - constant companion
7. Dunkin Donuts Coffee - Yes! Now they sell it everywhere!!!
8. Splenda - I get mad if there is not any around.  We buy is by the 1000's.
9. Sesame Street - it last one hour and Josh loves Elmo.  It gives daddy time to work every morning. 
10. Apprentice Desk Carousal Organizer - It is big, but man, can it hold everything!!