Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Need to be Transparent

We live in a culture that desires for its leaders to be transparent and real.  They don't want any secrets and they want truth.  

A pastor told me about 10 years ago that ministers live in fish bowls.  One pastor in Florida took this quote to the extreme.  It takes a video camera with him every where he goes and films his daily activities.  The result:  a solid, strong growth in this church.  Why?  People can relate to him because they know him.  They may not like his diet or where he buys his shoe, but they do know what he eats and where he shops.  

Pastors of yesterday lived lives of secret often imparting to the younger generation to not make friends with people in the church.  "The people will turn on you," they would strongly say.   Today, there is a team effort between the church body and its leadership.  The leaders are transparent.  They invite people into every aspect of their lives.  

The result of this transition has been happier leaders and happier church goers.  The wall of separation has fallen.  Today, leaders lead with no hesitation and attenders attend with no apprehension.  

Viva the local church!