Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Times are Changing

Church culture is constantly changing.  It is changing for the better.  I was thinking about how church has changed due to present technology.  Here are some things I thought about:

1.  Instead of passing notes to each other in church, you now can text and you don't even have to been sitting next to each other. 

2.  Instead of going to church, turn on your computer and watch the service live and streaming. 

3.  The announcements are now on the wall, on the screen, in your inbox, or on the website. 

4.  You can now use your phone to record audio AND video.   You can even take a picture 'of the moment.' 

5.  You child can now be 'scanned' in when entering children's church.  Talk about the end times.

6.  You can now pay your tithes and give your offerings at the kiosk located in the foyer.  Before long, the church will be scanning them in.   Again, can you talk about the end times!?!?

7.  Who needs a praise band, just push play on the ipod. 

8.  Who needs a preacher, just push play on the ipod.

Despite all the laughs, technology can not replace the physical touch and presence of another human being as much as we wish it could, but again, it is 2008.  You never know what is around the corner.