Monday, April 14, 2008


Friendship is sometimes a mystery.

We don't know why God places people in other's lives.

Some friendship succeed.  Some fail.

Some friends are in another's life for a lifetime.  Others are there for a season. 

Understanding seasons and lifetimes are important. 

Try to make a friend stay in your lifetime for a season, you have trouble.  

Try to rid a friend whom God has put their for a lifetime, you are lonely. 

Jesus has two friends. 

One was John.  The other was Judas. 

Everyone has a John or Judas.  

Everyone has a John and a Judas.

Having a friend like John is great. 

Having a friend like Judas is not. 

Finding out which is your friend is perplexing.  

Judas is not exposed until it is too late. 

Then you nod your head and say, "Ah, now that was a Judas!"

Simply, loyalty, love, and dedication is needed in friendship.  

A friend loves at all times. 


It's a mystery.