Monday, June 16, 2008

A Lesson to be Learned


When I learned about the death of Tim Russert, it really shocked me.  I am a television junkie.  Ashamedly, some people on television are like family and I can call them by their first name.  

I really liked Tim.  I always preferred his commentaries over all others but I never could tell you why until this last weekend. Repeatedly throughout the coverage, they would constantly say that he would speak as if he were speaking to the common man.  He would explain things simply so everyone could understand.  

The 'religious' are always the one to complicate the simplicity of the gospel.  The more I study and read the Word of God, the more I find the simplicity of the message.  As a leader and a pastor, it is my job to make sure the simplicity of the Gospel is shared among the others.  Everyone who leaves Paramount should be able to leave with profound knowledge taught by simple methods.  

It is sad to see Tim go.  He was a great commentariat and we need to take his methods to heart.  The Gospel is simple - much more simple than politics!