Friday, June 27, 2008

What is Faith?

I have really been enjoying our Summer Cafe Series of teachings.  I have really enjoyed teaching on things that I have taught for years.  Teaching them again inspires me more and more. 

Here are the notes from this past weekend service called 'What is Faith?'

The just shall live by Faith.  Habbakuk 2:4

The just shall live by Faith.  Romans 1:17

The just shall live by Faith.  Galatians 3:11

The just shall live by Faith.  Hebrews 10:38

Without faith it is impossible to please God.  Hebrews 11:6

Faith is more than just believing.  Faith and belief are two sides of the same coin.  Belief starts things. Faith is what carries them out.  

It doesn’t matter what you hope for.  You have to have faith before you will see anything come to pass

“All things were made by him [the Word] and without him [the Word] was not any things made.” John 1:3

Faith is not at its highest level until it gets into your heart and into your mouth.  

A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.  Luke 6:45

Faith is not something I can see.  However, when the Word of God and my faith are the same, I have results that I can see.  

Living by faith requires that we trust the Lord regardless of what we experience. 

Trust (lean on, rely on, and be confident) in the Lord and do good; so shall you dwell in the land and feed surely on His faithfulness, and truly you shall be fed.  Psalm 37:3 Amplified Bible

When you have scripture to stand on, you must do something with it in order to activate faith.  

Faith without works is dead.  James 2:20

1 no longer alive : a dead body | [as complement ] he was shot dead by terrorists.

• (of a part of the body) having lost sensation; numb.

• having or displaying no emotion, sympathy, or sensitivity : a cold, dead voice.

• no longer current, relevant, or important : pollution had become a dead issue.

• devoid of living things : a dead planet.

• resembling death : a dead faint.

• (of a place or time) characterized by a lack of activity or excitement : Brussels isn't dead after dark, if you know where to look.

• (of money) not financially productive.

• (of sound) without resonance; dull.

• (of a color) not glossy or bright.

• (of a piece of equipment) no longer functioning, esp. because of a fault : the phone had gone dead.

• (of an electric circuit or conductor) carrying or transmitting no current : the batteries are dead.

• no longer burning : the fire had been dead for some days.

• (of air or water) not circulating; stagnant.

• (of a glass or bottle) empty or no longer being used.

• (of the ball in a game) out of play. See also dead ball .

• (of a playing field, ball, or other surface) lacking springiness or bounce.