Friday, November 07, 2008

The Rise of a Single Mother

She gets up early to get herself ready for work

Her children rest in their bed knowing that mommy is always on watch

The time comes and up the children come

To get them ready and able to perform their best

To get an education

To achieve dreams never imagine by herself

Sock shoes pants and shirts 

She gets them ready with no help

All by herself she achieves

Last night she got a phone call

Their so called father promising things that fill their wants but not their needs

New shoes? 

New Clothes? 

New Games?

Their feet will be covered

Their body will be covered

They will be entertained

But their stomachs will not be filled

Promises today

Failed promises tomorrow

They never arrive 

The children don’t know

She never tells them

Too many broken promises to break their hearts again

Tired of picking up the pieces by herself 

Tired of wiping tears away wanting to know where is daddy and why doesn’t daddy love me

But she rises

She rises above the tears, the questions, the broken pieces

Another day

Another hour.

She rises

Being a single parent is daring, it is an accomplishment that must be met

And she rises to meet the challenge

Every day she conquers

Through the snow of the north and the hot winds of the south

She conquers

Though the lights are off, the cable has never been turned on, and the landlord is knocking on the door daily

She conquers

Though she is the sole provider with no support or help on the way

Though she talks with teachers

Volunteers for activities

Runs miles taking her kids to and fro

She conquers

She can’t be held down

No is not an answer to her

She gets down but she gets right back up again

Discourage never means defeat

She will rise

She will conquer

She will rise

by Jason Rowland