Friday, November 21, 2008

Every Nation, Tribe, and Tongue

Just recently, I changed the tagline of our church to "Every Nation, Tribe, and Tongue."  Ten years ago, I visited Time Square Church in NYC.  On the wall, these words were placed.  The same day, they were placed in my heart and I remember thinking to myself, "When I pastor a church, I want those same words on the foyer of our church."

Just recently I became a substitute teacher for the Clayton County school district.  It is the same county which our church worships.  The first question of the day was how many languages were spoken in the county's school system.  The answer is 66!  We are truly a county of every nation, tribe, and tongue.  

Last Sunday, I asked the congregation for prayer and asked Maria, a Brazilian lady who attends Paramount, to pray for me personally.  Not knowing English well enough to pray out loud, she asked if she could pray in her native tongue, portuguese.  My response was a resounding YES!  

It was a little confirmation from God on how we are on the pathway of making an impact in our community for the Kingdom of God.