Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Daddy, I am So Proud of You

Potty training has been a chore for us when it come to transitioning Josh from diapers to 'the potty.'  Unfortunately, Josh got it backwards.  He plainly has 'number 2' down, but number 1 has been harder.  In the last couple of days, I had to change my strategy.  We got 2 down because I did a lot of praising on Josh.  Every time, I would always respond by saying how proud I was of him.  In turn, we accomplished him finally learning how to do it on his own.  In addition, he turn he began saying, "Daddy, I'm so proud of YOU!"

Encouragement and praise does a lot of a child.  As adults, it does a lot for us!  We need encouragement.  A study done many years ago questioned adults if they needed encouragement to perform well.  80% said they did not.  When asked if they would perform better if they received encouragement on a constant basis, 95% percent said they would.  Encouragement is fuel for the soul and a key substance to success.  

Be an encourager.  Others desperately need it and you got it!