Saturday, December 24, 2011

30 Fold Blessings to Children

It is the highlight of my ministry to dedicate children to the Lord. At the conclusion of the dedication, I bless the children in a 30 fold blessing As requested, here are the thirty specific areas you may address when blessing your child or a grandchild:
1. Ability
2. Abundance
3. Angels to Go With Them
4. Assurance of God’s Love and Grace
5. Clear Direction
6. A Controlled and Disciplined Life
7. Courage
8. Creativity
9. Spiritual Perception of God’s Truths
10. Faith
11. Favor with God and Man
12. Good Health
13. A Good Spouse
14. Their Hands to Bless Others
15. Happiness (Fulfillment and Contentment)
16. Hope and a Good Outlook on Life
17. A Listening Ear
18. Longevity
19. An Obedient Heart and Spirit
20. Peace
21. Pleasant Speech and Personality
22. Promotion
23. Protection
24. Provision
25. Safety
26. Strength
27. Success
28. Trust
29. Wisdom
30. Goodness and Mercy to Follow Them All the Days of Their Life