Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Setting Simple Goals


I learned a long time ago that resolutions don't work for me.  One of the definitions of the word, resolution is a formal expression of opinion or intention made, usually after voting, by a formal organizationa legislature, a club,or other group.  The reason resolutions do not work for an individual is because resolutions work where there is accountability and intentional enforcement.  Notice the definition says legislature, club, organization, or group.  Resolutions work because there are people to make sure that they work. 

I prefer goals.  I also encourage myself to write down goals. And with my goals, I share them and I share them quickly.  The quicker that I share them, the faster they usually get accomplished.  Our team works together to share goals but not be the police about them.  We encourage one another to achieve that next ministry class, ministry goal, or personal goals that we may have either physically, emotionally, or financially.  I personally know that if I share my goals verbally with someone be it my wife, fellow team or family member, I have this strong desire to accomplish it. 

Being the first week of the year, I can't get into my gym or my 'weight therapy' class because many have made a 'resolution' that this is the year.  Many say that resolutions don't last past Valentines Day (that's because that is a major candy holiday).  Throw your resolutions out the window and just set a simple goal or two.  Share it and watch you soar to meet that goal!