Thursday, September 06, 2012

My Bethel

Rockdale South River Trail
 This year for economic reasons,  we decided to cut back on facility usage throughout the week which in turn has saved us thousands of dollars.  I have always said wherever my bag is, which contains my laptop, iPad, and my phone, is where my office is.  I have also designed a great home office in which to study, write, and prepare for the most important hour of the week - our worship experience.

I have never been the one to tell people how to pray.  In addition to dieting, exercising,  studying, and the like, I believe each person must find their 'zone' which makes their achievements possible.

Prayer has always been important to me as a minister but most importantly as a husband, father, and leader.  Because I work from home, I found a great place to walk, run, and talk with God - the Rockdale South River Trail.  This place is magical to me personally. Jacob had his Bethel - the place where he wrestled with God.  This trail has become my Bethel.  

On the trail, I have cried, worship, prayed, begged God to help me up a hill while running, interceded for families and individuals in our church, and argued with God.  Every time I have completed the trail, I have sensed His presence and assurance.

Let me encourage you to pray.  Find your Bethel.