Saturday, January 05, 2013

Follow the Leader

     One principle regarding leadership is the game or activity we used to play when we were kids - follow the leader.  It is a simple premise of people will do what I do; not just what I say.  Leadership involves action and a leaders action will be seen.
     One the most exciting things for Karen and I to do is to be generous.  One the hardest things for Karen and I to do is to lead it. . . publicly.  For years, Karen led our family in generosity.   Quietly, we would bless families who were having a hard time.  We would give cars to those in need of transportation.  It is common to see the trunks of our cars filled with clothes or groceries so that we can bless a family in need of food or full of boys like ours.
     I understood in order to lead our church into a life of generosity, I had to do many of those things publicly and from the stage.  And the most important time I needed to do it has been through church wide capital campaigns.  As I lead our ministry which is located in the poorest part of the poorest county in the Atlanta metro area, it is important for the everyone to know that the leader is leading even in giving.
Follow the leader is simple.  It is a do what I am doing, not what I am saying.  Leading your family, leading a major corporation, or leading your pet, people (or animals) are following you.  Are you the kind of leader you would like to follow?  Are you setting the right example in words and deeds?  Are you doing what is right at home, in public, as well as in your place of employment?  People are watching.  They maybe following you.