Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Leadership Principles

I recent had a opportunity to coach a few local government professionals leadership principles that I use at Living Waters.  Not really knowing what they expected or needing, I shared my story of coming to Living Waters and my last three years of leading our organization to the place where it is today.  

The night before, I began writing every principle and/or value that I could share with them that I use in leadership.  Here is the list that I brought:

-  Your inferiorities will always show. 
- Your inferiorities make you and you team weak.
- You will always be offended when someone gets close to your inferiorities.
- Weaknesses and inferiorities are two different things.  Surround yourself with people who has strengths where you are weak. 
- Get over offenses now! 
- Fight for unity
- Communicate as much as you can verbally 
- Email the positives. Verbalize the negatives. 
- Correct privately. Praise publicly. 
- Celebrate often. 
-  Pray hard.
- Work hard.
- Play hard. 
- No gossiping. 
- I will always go to the person who I have issues with. 
- You can disagree with being disagreeable or difficult 
- You will never always have your way. 
- Keep all cards on table. Hiding is wrong. 
- Excellence is our minimum standard. 
- No problem moving people with weakness to their strengths. 
- I will never make everyone happy.  
- My mission is to do what is right. Not to make a few happy. 
- MLK Quote: it is always the right time to do the right thing.   So always do the right thing. 
- I know who I am. I am not who others say I am. 
- Gossippers and dividers immediately fired. That cancer will never survive. 
- People are more important than people.