Thursday, March 07, 2013

Building Trust in this Age

Connection and leadership and trust are going to get ever more valuable. Sure, go ahead and shake your head in agreement, but when you get back to work, are you busy working in the scarce universe or trying to build a place for yourself in the new one?  - Seth Godin

Reading this quote by Seth Godin from his blog post "Scarcity and Abundance in the Digital Age" emphasized a conversation that I just had previously with our Daily Operations team.  We had just discussed about building more trust between our ministry and the great people who regularly attend our worship experiences.  I know we are ethically doing everything right but my knowing and people knowing are two different things.  

People don't trust the church.  They don't trust preachers, pastors, nor evangelist.  Yet, we expect them to keep giving to an institution they most likely do not trust.  The question is what do we do and how do we do it?  

I came up with two solutions: 

1. Communicate.  Communicate.  Communicate.  Then, when all is said and done, communicate again.  Give financial reports.  Show graphs.  All that boring stuff but in addition, tell stories.  Let people become familiar with the lives that are being changed in our organization because people give to our ministry. 

2. Keep all of our cards on the table.  I believe if you are hiding something, you are hiding something.  Don't withhold any information from anyone.  Answer all questions.  Leave no one with no more questions. 

We can't lose trust in this time of history.  Trustful leadership is needed in these times when leadership is falling around the world, in Washington, among the capital buildings across our country, local city halls, and yes, even in our churches and religious organizations. Trustful leadership begins now with huge dividends that will come later.