Monday, August 21, 2006

Things I will Miss About Valdosta - Woody's Barbershop

Yes, I know it is officially called Baytree Barbershop, but Woody's Barbershop is what my friends and family know of it. I never went to a barbershop until about eight years ago. Then I went to Woody's. When I walked in, it was like stepping back in time. Time seemed to stop there. There was hairtonic for sale. None of the equipment or furniture was modernized. Even the Coke machine was a little dated and if you wanted crackers or a snack, you reached in and left the money behind in the same jar.
Every three weeks, I went to Woody to get a haircut. I would walk in and felt comfortably relaxed. There was always a Valdosta Daily Times there to read. I had to always make sure I wore my contacts so I could read it while in the chair. If I didn't, I would have to take off my glasses so he could cut.
Sometimes the place would be filled with people and if it was, there was a type of reunion atmosphere. Everyone seeing everyone for the first time in months, years, etc.
At the end of my cut, I would leave a previous filled out check. Woody would hit a few buttonson an old cash register, pull the "lever", and a wooden drawer would open where he would put the check. At the same time, he would take a little sheet of paper and press it down on a upside down nail to record his cuts for his commission.
I hope I can find a nice barbershop in Atlanta. There have been going out of business for more contemporary hair cutting places for the whole family. I loved my every three week visit to Woody's. It was a time to relax and sit back and enjoy life and community.