Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Animal Lovers

Continuing from yesterday's blog about Steve Irwin, I have pondered many things. One is the affection people have for animals. I have never understood why there are people who are so affectionate about their animals. I have a cousin who always had to have many animals. She would name each one. If you messed with her animals, she would react like a mother defending her children.
Of course there are extreme animals lovers. Too extreme in my opinion they border on the crazy side. But I know many people who just simply love animals. And what does one do when they get an animal? They name it. As kids we learn this from our parents. Remember when you got your first pet and your parents told you to name it. You would think long and hard and then you would blurt out the name. Whatever name you came up with stuck with that pet forever.
I believe this love comes from our spiritual DNA. God gave Adam dominion and gave him authority to name each animal. There is probably something inside of us from way back when that longs to have authority and to name each animal. We call these people animal lovers. But when you stop and think about it, they are people who love to ponder for long periods of time with and on God's creation.
I am not a animal lover like this, but I am constantly amazed at God's creation. Just this past winter, we had a red shoulder hawk in our yard that constantly visited. One day with my camera in hand, I got really close to take a picture. Looking back, I many times think about how foolish that could have been.
Animal lovers I have never understood until I took the time to just ponder on their love and affection for animals. I think there was something inside Steve Irwin which like Adam made him want to spend time with God's creation.