Thursday, May 03, 2007

District Council

We are presently packing and getting ready to leave Savannah. We just concluded last night our District Council. It is a time where all of the Assembly of God ministers, missionaries, and pastor assemble for business, resources, and ordination.

There are many reasons I look forward to District Council. Karen and I have made many friends in the past years I have been a minister within the Assemblies of God, but since we became church planters, there are other church planters which there is a strong bond. We are in this fight together. When minister friends get together, they are able to let their guard down and really become real with one another. The other one either has or is going through the same thing whether it is sheep bites, building projects, or just plain tiredness.

This week has been insightful, inspiring, and very restful. Now, the we are back to Atlanta where we are getting ready to launch our monthly services beginning May 19th!

Here we go . . .