Saturday, July 28, 2007

Stones of Rememberance

Tuesday, I am at work and I get a call from our good friends, Mark and Debbie, pleading with me to come to their VBS.  Their Bible teacher couldn't make it and they needed someone to come in and teach the lesson - Stones of Rememberance placed by Joshua when the Isrealites crossed the Jordan River.  

I thought about the stones of rememberance that I have in my life.  Personally, two things are journaling and photography.  One fellow blogger likes to print out his post at the end of every year to go over all the things God has done in his life over the last year.  I on the other hand like to peruse through my blog and pictures during a time while I am in a really relaxed state. 

Joshua had stones.  Today, we have journals, pictures, blogs, notes in our Bible, and many other things to remember what God does in our life.  

What are your stones of rememberance?  What do you have set in place when God does the miraculous in your life?