Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Placing God Back on the Throne

This past weekend, I spoke on worship in our worship series, "Wired to Worship." I said something I wanted to reiterate here on the blog. Many times the dangers, toils, and snares of life tend to dethrone God in our worship. Instead of meditating on God, we tend to meditate on the the problems plaguing us. What happens is God is replaced by our problems - financial problems, relational problems, career problems, etc. They slowly but surely creep up on the God's throne and instead of God, our whole attention is on the problems - not God.

Worship dethrones the problems and allows God to have His rightly place on HIS throne. Worship shifts the focus back to God. Once we see God for who He is, then we really see the problems for what they are. We serve a BIG God. He is bigger than any problem we have. So big is He that He can swiftly and most importantly take care of any problem we have.

Today, stop worrying about your problem and begin worshiping God.

Stop worrying!

Begin worshiping!

God. He is bigger than any problem.


You were wired to.