Friday, September 14, 2012

The Great Experiment

Living Waters is located in the poorest county in the metro area in the poorest part of the poorest county in the metro area.   The economy has ravaged our community.  Though business have dried up, I thank God that we are in the people business and not in the free enterprise system.

For us to step up and be our brother's keeper,  I announced last month that we would try this grand experiment to provide a free breakfast for 'whosoever' in our community.  After months of desiring to see this, I stood up in the middle of a message about serving and declared without consulting any of my leadership or the opinions of my peers.  This announcement was received with an arousing applause!  Suddenly, the floodgates opened and businesses found out and began donating to this endeavor.

I believe God meets us where we step out on a limb.  I heard a story one time about faith.  Faith is standing on the end of a limb with the devil at the other end of the limb near the trunk of the tree with a chain saw.  When the chainsaw cuts through the limb, the limb and you are still standing but the tree falls down.  I know cartoon pictures maybe going through your mind right now but this is how faith works.

I also believe all of the people and businesses that have stepped up is not only because we are doing it.  It is because there are some people in real need of a small meal on Sunday mornings.  God cares more about our community than we will ever.  There is an african saying, "God can't sleep."  When it comes to our city and county, He is still the God who never sleeps nor slumbers!" His eye is on Clayton County, Riverdale, and Living Waters - most importantly, YOU!